Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Joyce and Bob

The town, it's grown around them
They've somehow stayed the same
A gentleman and lady
Their Southern Charm remains
When music fills a warm night
Friends treasure the joy it brings
Nothing short of magic
In this world of "things"
 A home that smells of comfort
A gracious family place
Her happy art adorns the walls
We're blessed to share such grace

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's Dance

Chris is going to write a little tune to this. Pat and I need to go dancing!

When will we dance again, my love
When will we take the time
Let's not miss another chance
To join hands, yours and mine

The years are passing oh, so fast
We must not wait, you know
Music waits for no one
You see, we have to go

Before it's late, before regret
Move to the rhythm tonight
The two-step unforgotten
We'll dance to our delight!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Samantha, Andy, Lucinda

In this world of "Look at Me!"
I'm thankful, Lord, for what I see
In my three children, fully grown
Most unselfish strength they've shown
Not just in looks do they excell
But Grace in all things their lives tell
With hearts as big as any need
Always giving, never greed
I wonder how they came to be
Such special kids, to Pat and me

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Letter to Editor, Kerrville Daily Times

To the many folks in our town who give their time to those less fortunate, whether they be people or our four-legged friends.

To volunteer is to share yourself
Not money, gifts or food
It's time well spent, not really missed
For someone else's good

At Freeman Fritts, a walk or pat
That says "You're not alone"
To cats and dogs whose only dream
Is to have a forever home

But there's a bonus to the giving
The tables turn, a lesson
When offering any time at all
You get back more in blessings

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

for Chris's new tune...

It's hard to imagine
that You were a babe
The King of Creation
asleep in the hay

Held by your mother
and guarded with care
God sent you to save us
He put you right there.

They came to adore you
from near and afar
The mighty, the lowly
by way of a star

Please help us remember
just why you came
From Your home in heaven
to call us by name

Your life changing message
We pray all will hear
Our hearts can hold Christmas
each day of the year.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Henry's Friends

Who is this one
Who comes each day
They seem to spy
A mile away
And run to greet
That smiling face
Then stop and beg
(Sometimes with grace)
And some a little
To have first bite
Of a delicacy
He seems to think
It's just the treats
That bring them faithfully
To his feet
But I see more
With my heart and eyes
Dogs know true friends
We should be so wise

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Your Grace

Your Grace
Is sufficient for me
Your Grace
Warms my heart and sets me free

When I'm lost in a world
Of jealousy and greed
I fall down on my knees
And know you're everything I need

Your Grace
Is sufficient for me
Your Grace
Warms my heart and sets me free

I see things taking place
Of which I've no control
But I feel Your Spirit moving
From the bottom of my soul

Yes, Your Grace
Is sufficient for me
Your Grace
Warms my heart and sets me free

If I feel small and helpless
And fearful of the night
I only need remember
Your power and Your might

Oh Your Grace
Is sufficient for me
Your Grace
Warms my heart and sets me free

You created perfection
No sorrow, no strife
Now I pray for redemption
For sin in my life

But Your Grace
Is sufficient for me
Your Grace
Is sufficient for me!